Screen Savers: How Computer Services Keep You Running

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Download Free Anti-Virus Software

You should already know that every computer and IT network demands strong anti-virus protection. However, you may be tempted to avoid paying for professional software by downloading free anti-virus software from the internet. While such programs can work fine, they also come with several important drawbacks. Here are just four reasons why downloading free anti-virus software just isn't worth it. 1. Inferior Support Even the strongest of anti-virus software can sometimes be breached. Read More 

5 Reasons That Your Computer is Running Slowly

Your computer is probably one of the most expensive items you own, and it's sure to be one of the most vital for your day-to-day life. Everything from banking to emailing will be handled through that one piece of technology, so a slow-running computer can be extremely aggravating. Performance issues can be caused by a number of problems; luckily, they are solvable problems. 1. Viruses Viruses are feared for many reasons. Read More 

The Different Types Of Data Cables That Come With Your Computer

The array of acronyms associated with data cabling tends to overwhelm most amateur computer users. You have likely asked yourself why do you need to opt for DVI cable instead of a VGA cable when using your computer and are not even sure what they even mean in the first place. This is not your fault though, as most of the abbreviated descriptions for these cables are not coined with the end user in mind. Read More 

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Screen Savers: How Computer Services Keep You Running

Robert Orben, the American comedy writer says: "To err is human - and to blame it on a computer is even more so." As an office supervisor, I can definitely support this. From missed deadlines to inappropriate screensavers, somehow the computer rather than the operator causes the problem! Of course, computers do sometimes get viruses or throw up the blue screen of death. In that case, I really rely on efficient computer services to help the office keep running. From buying new computers to finding the best repairers, I have become quite the expert on computer services. If employees say that emails weren't sent because of a computer glitch, I really can't help! However, if you are looking for the latest information about computer services, this blog should have something for you. Bring your laptop over here, sit down, relax and have a browse. Thanks for surfing in!