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The Different Types Of Data Cables That Come With Your Computer

The array of acronyms associated with data cabling tends to overwhelm most amateur computer users. You have likely asked yourself why do you need to opt for DVI cable instead of a VGA cable when using your computer and are not even sure what they even mean in the first place. This is not your fault though, as most of the abbreviated descriptions for these cables are not coined with the end user in mind. The good news is once you familiarise yourself with them, they stop seeming as complicated as they sound. Here are some of the different types of data cabling that you may come across when making use of your computer whether for work or play.

VGA cables

VGA stands for Video Graphics Array. These were the conventional connections used between a computer and its monitor. However, they are slowly being phased out as more and more people are opting for digital connectivity rather than analogue. However, if your computer has a video card, then you will certainly have a VGA port for its cable. To identify a VGA cable, look for fifteen pins that have been put in a three-row formation. This means there will be five pins on each row. The three different rows will then correspond to the three main colours used in VGA displays. These are blue, red and green.

DVI cables

DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface. This type of data cabling was created as a successor to the previous VGA technology that was commonplace. DVI cabling is typically used for digital monitors such as those with LCD or LED. There are three main varieties that you can find your DVI cables.

  • DVI-A: These are compatible with the transmission of analogue signals. As such, they can be connected to a VGA port.
  • DVI-D: These work toward the transmission of digital signals.
  • DVI-I: These cables are multi-functional and can transmit both analogue as well as digital signals.

HDMI cables

HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Over the years, HDMI has become a staple for broadcasting, as it is the highest quality in terms of visuals. HDMI has the capabilities of transmitting both audio as well as visual signals simultaneously. This is unlike its DVI and VGA cabling counterparts. However, HDMI only transmits these signals in digital format. Thus, this type of data cabling is only compatible with the newer models of computerized devices.

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