Screen Savers: How Computer Services Keep You Running

5 Reasons That Your Computer is Running Slowly

Your computer is probably one of the most expensive items you own, and it's sure to be one of the most vital for your day-to-day life. Everything from banking to emailing will be handled through that one piece of technology, so a slow-running computer can be extremely aggravating. Performance issues can be caused by a number of problems; luckily, they are solvable problems.

1. Viruses

Viruses are feared for many reasons. They can monitor your keystrokes in order to steal your personal information, make your computer perform illegal tasks, and ultimately stop it from functioning altogether.

To do that, viruses will take up a huge amount of system memory without the user even knowing that it has done so. The virus will consume processing power while running in the background, so one of the first warning signs is a slowly running computer.

2. Too Many Programs

Unless you're using a computer with a very high set of specifications, performance is going to take a hit if you decide to play a demanding game, download a few movies, and run an anti-virus check all at the same time. If you're using too many programs at once, it's simply going to bog down your computer's performance.

Your computer uses RAM (random-access memory) to run these programs; RAM is essentially what a computer needs to be able to 'think'. Using more programs means using more RAM, and there is only ever so much available.  

3. Too Many Start-up Programs

You might not have many programs running while you're actually using the computer but still notice that it is very slow to boot up. In this case, check which programs are automatically started when your computer is turned on. If they aren't essential, make sure they only start when you need them to start.

Keep this action in mind in the future. During installation, most programs will come with a check-box that reads 'Launch [Program Name] on Start-up', or similar. It isn't rare for this box to come pre-checked, so make sure you uncheck it.

4. Fragmentation

Files aren't stored as a single unit, but are instead split up and stored across difference parts of your hard drive. Unfortunately, this process can create a buildup of fragmented data over time, causing your computer's processing power to fall since it needs to spend more time gathering all the pieces.

Luckily, your computer should come with a defragmentation program that you can run to clean everything up.

5. Dust

Sometimes computer problems are down to more physical issues than viruses and programs. Over time, your computer can become filled up with dust. This will cause elements such as fans and vents to become clogged, and that will mean the computer isn't able to cool itself down properly.

If this is the case, you'll probably notice that the fans are running at full blast right from the moment you start the computer up, and you may find that performance is being affected in order to keep the hardware inside from becoming too hot.

All of these issues can be easily and successfully combatted by a computer repair professional, so don't hesitate to contact the right people if your computer is running at a snail's pace.

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Screen Savers: How Computer Services Keep You Running

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